Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

mirror collage

pen on papers

page 3

pen on papers

A page from a book I made called 'timothy lion : the boy who could not yawn'


oil on canvas

jo sketches

pen and coloured pencils

wings sketch

pen and coloured pencils

(the reason for the overlapping lines is because these are 'rough' sketches and i would just trace a pose off a sheet someone gave me and then i would draw over it. it would also normally be covered in notes about things but i photoshopped them out)

a guy

pen and coloured pencils

fox and bird sketch

Designs placement based on paper model on left.
Would have been made from felt or some type of soft textured material.

3d skull tshirt

marker on tshirt. polaroid 600

a-b at fashion show

This tshirt I made at a fashion show at Federation Square.
Polaroid 600s.

a-b tshirt

heart and letters are screen printed
front 'tear' (a) is a negative applique (fabric layered underneath tshirt)
back 'tear' (b) is a positive applique (fabric layered over tshirt)

semi-self portrait

coloured in photoshop